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Fishball noodle

The Food Republic is located in Siam Center, which is not difficult to find if you found shopping mall Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery. Just take the BTS Skytrain to SIAM Exchange station.

The food court of Siam center has been chosen as one of the best five in bangkok according to bangkok magazine online(Best five foodcourt in Bangkok) It is worth of reading. With the stylish interior, it obviously put the food price higher.

I was eating before coming to here in MBK foodcourt and for that reason I have to order the small size fish ball noodle. Fishball noodle is quite simple as the other meatball noodle shop, but dry version. As similar with other noodle dish, it comes up with few deepfried fishballls and morning glories as side. The sauce is quite modesty with the sweet and spicy chili sauce in red and crunched roasted peanut on top.

Fishball noodle

- 1. In Suvarnabumi airport, there are phone prepaid card sold at the entrance door of arriving hall after you pass thru custom border checking.

- 2. From the Suvarnabumi airport, you can take the express line train to the center.

- 3. If you are coming from Don Mueng airport,you can go to the center by taking A1 air conditioned bus (at arrival hall gate 6) to for example Mochi BTS skyline station in the city center.If you are going to Don Mueang Airport from Mochi BTS station, remember to exit from Exit 3 from Mochi Station, where the A1 bus is 100 meters away from the bridge and usually stopping there like 10 minutes. You can buy your ticket in the bus, around 30 bahts at writing time. However the bus is not operated after midnight til morning. Ref: Forum with bus picture

- 4. The tuk-tuk taxi can be expensive for tourist, recomendable taking taxi, which has "metered taxi" on top. There is an good article about this in a website, Transportation in Bangkok

- 5. Type of socket/plug is like the one used in North America, commonly A type(US) with two flat pin connector.

- 6. If you hear a song played in the BTS station or movie theater suddenly and at the same time all other people are standing still. Don't be surprise that you MUST do the same, it is Thailand's national anthem.