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Beancurd, one of the famous desserts in Singapore, I simply call it soy pudding. It is mainly made from soy milk. The producing method is quite simple, the soy milk can be cooked on a pan, then added a bit of solidify powder and chilled in a container for 4 hours. You can recognized the popularity of this pudding in Singapore by realizing how many stalls are there in one food court.

Singaporeans will tell you what are the famous trusted brand, like Lao Ban, Mr. Bean, 51 and Rocher. Any of this brand can be found easily in many food court. Beancurd tastes like the Panna Cotta, only the syrup is different. Some people say it is like the Leche Flan in Philippnes but not browny. The Singaporean vendors use only white syrup for the pudding. Unlike in Penang, beancurd customer can choose either brown sugar syrup or white.

This Teck Seng Soya Bean Milk stall is located in Tion Bahru Market, a kilometre from EW17 MRT station. Food court is located on the second floor of the market. Teck Seng brand pudding is sweet, soft and silky in texture, the ways have gain many Singaporeans favourite. If you don't like soy, you can order a Grass Jelly cold drink as well.

- 1. Singapore electric plugs are like in Malaysia, 3 pinned Type G.

- 2. In Singapore, we can drink water straight from the tap, but many senior generation of Singaporeans still have habit to drink boiled water. Anyway a bottle of mineral water costs reasonable price.

- 3. Singapore has one of the world most tough regulation for littering, elavator urinating, not flushing the toilet and drugs trafficking. Make sure you do some research on this before entering Singapore. You can just upack and leave your chewing gum at home country.

- 4. MRT-stations are the best public transport. MRT-stop like Lavander is convinient for hostel, hotel and local hawkers food court.

- 5. Prepare enough coins for Singapore commune bus, cause there is no changes. You can get full day usage of public transport by purchasing Tourist Pass. It is quite reasonable price, for example 16 dollar of 2 day pass + 10 deposit. Make sure return the the tourist pass before 8p.m. More info from their Singapore Tourist Pass

- 6. Singapore rains average 178 days of a year, waterproof light windjacket is not a bad idea to be packed.