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Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

Curry puff is famous in southeast asia. It is like a snack there. The original curry puff is stuffed with potatos and chickens curry inside a crimped pastry. But it shall not be liquid inside, cause the well cooked soft potato and chickens and the pastry layer absords the sauce. If it is too dry, it is not made well. It must be moisture and fresh. That is why may hawker stall owner make them on demand.

This stall that I found in Old Airport Road located near Dakota station is known for their curry puffs. They have four varieties- crispy curry puff, sardine puff, black pepper chicken puff and yam puff. My top two are crispy curry puff and black pepper chicken puff. The curry puff, very crackling, crunchy. Potatoes and chicken curry has been always good combination traditional food in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The soft potatoes almost melt on tongue. Black pepper puff, same sauce as used in the black pepper steak, give you a strong after taste with heat.

Sardine puff, as you can imagine the filling just like the sardine sandwich but is mixed with onion dices(wish there could be more). Yam Puff on the other hand, eating yam filling feel a bit dry in the mouth, I was hoping the owner can put some sweet thai chili sauce to moisture it like the Yam cake.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff

- 1. Singapore electric plug is like in Malaysia, 3 pinned Type G.

- 2. In Singapore can drink water straight from the tap, but many senior generation of Singaporean still has habit to drink boiled water. Bottle mineral water reasonable price.

- 3. Singapore has one of the world most tough regulation for littering, elavator urinating, not flushing the toilet and drugs trafficking. Make sure you do some research on this before entering Singapore. You can just upack and leave your chewing gum at home country.

- 4. MRT-stations are the best public transport. MRT-stop like Lavander is convinient for hostel, hotel and local hawkers food court.

- 5. Prepare enough coil for singapore commune bus, no changes returns. You can get full day usage of public transport by purchasing Tourist Pass. It is quite reasonable price, for example 16 dollar of 2 day pass + 10 deposit. Make sure return the the tourist pass before 8p.m. More info from their Singapore Tourist Pass

- 6. Singapore rains average 178 days of a year, waterproof light windjacket is not a bad idea to be packed.