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Ah-Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

When I saw an Anthony Bourdain episode in Singapore, I decided to give this dish a try.

Later I found out from web, that the chefs who were working in recommended Tian Tian Hainanese stall have established their own stall a few meters away, third stall from their previous employer. It is hard to decide, shall I go to Tian Tian, who earn the credits from the episode or the chef's stall that knows the receipts. Because food spot is not just about the taste, other things are evaluated. Well, I made my choice, Ah Tai's.

The foodspot is just six hundred meters away from China Town. My order came after a few minutes. The rice is well cooked, really tender and Pandan leave fragranced. The oily chicken meat, shall it be tipped in garlic chilli sauce and harmonized with soy sauce, really feel good in the mouth. An extra order of bean sprouts dish , without doubts complete the meal.

There is another alternative, you just order a Chicken Rice Set that has Pak Choy Oyster Sauce included, which combined will make your stomach full. It works.

Ah-Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice

- 1. Singapore electric plug is like in Malaysia, 3 pinned Type G.

- 2. In Singapore can drink water straight from the tap, but many senior generation of Singaporean still has habit to drink boiled water. Bottle mineral water reasonable price.

- 3. Singapore has one of the world most tough regulation for littering, elavator urinating, not flushing the toilet and drugs trafficking. Make sure you do some research on this before entering Singapore. You can just upack and leave your chewing gum at home country.

- 4. MRT-stations are the best public transport. MRT-stop like Lavander is convinient for hostel, hotel and local hawkers food court.

- 5. Prepare enough coil for singapore commune bus, no changes returns. You can get full day usage of public transport by purchasing Tourist Pass. It is quite reasonable price, for example 16 dollar of 2 day pass + 10 deposit. Make sure return the the tourist pass before 8p.m. More info from their Singapore Tourist Pass

- 6. Singapore rains average 178 days of a year, waterproof light windjacket is not a bad idea to be packed.