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won ton mee

Only in the morning, this dish can be found from the busy morning market. Wonton mee is soy sauce flavoured egg noodle soup. Some people say it comes from Hong Kong originally. But what make our penang food so special is we don't do authentic, we prefer penang style. Even every hawker has their own verion. This penang version has as usual chili paste and sliced jalapenos with it. Even the sliced BBQ pork and wonton(pork or prawn dumpling) are penang version. That is why we love it. The soup is definitely salty and the wuntans(pork meat dumbling) and vegetables make a good combination out of it.

won ton mee

- 1. Remember to take enough coins for commune bus's ticket. Driver won't return small changes. First below 7km journey costs about RM1.40 (year 2015).

- 2. Always take a package of tissue paper along. Kopitiam, low cost cafeteria doesn't include one in wash room.

- 3. Penang route planner web site: Penang Journey Planner(

- 4. Postcards from the kiosks, stamps from the post office. There is one post office at Prangin Mall nearby.

- 5. Type of socket/plug is like the one used in UK, G type(UK).

- 6. Tap water: Recommending to boil it first. A bottle of mineral water costs less than an euro.