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The stalls in New Lane are operated approximately from 7p.m til eleven at night. The skin of popiah is like the burrito, but without my favourite cheese, neither the guacamole. This one taste a bit sweet and the filling of jicama makes this so juicy. I heard they say the filling need to be cooked for hours. The jicima is really good in that sense, it has really low calories.

The sauce again no surprise is sweetened black soy sauce. The popiah can include crab meat or prawn meat, depend on the hawkers. I think it will be even more tasty if they put dried small piece of shrimps inside, some seafood flavour. Some hawkers even put lettuce inside. But again, only Penang version popiah. They are others like singapore's version, which is not quite my favourite.

I had this popiah when I was in New Lane. It taste so good, that I had to empty it from my fingers. There is one thing I didn't like the place, even is full with other tempting hawkers food, the price. It is a few pennies higher than normal other hawkers food. I think the demand there is so huge, that they have to put up the prices, greediness win this round. Well for us, it still costs less than 1,50 euro. If I remember well, there is a Sunway Hotel Georgetown just beside the hawkers stalls, those lucky residents. The best time and crowded time to go there is at night, you can see the photos from foursquares.


satay ayam

Satay ayam (BBQ chicken skewers with spicy peanut sauce) is so famous street food, that you can find this in some european restaurants. I have tried many, but they were STILL lack of the coal smell due to the different way they made it. You can find these in Indonesia as well, you definitely don't want to miss this street food. One of the local favourite. This street food comes with raw onions and cucumber. If lucky enough, some stall even put small rice cubes with it. They are so good with the peanut curry sauce. The turmeric powder has given the chicken meat yellow brown color.

At New Lane, the Satay Ayam I have tried according to the locals, they also are different because they don't need "the sauce". The Satay Ayam is already marinated with the peanut sauce. At first I was quite sceptical about it, but after I taste it, it was delicious. A little bit different than the usual Satays, which locals consider them as unique.

However after a few days, I am still longing for the spicy peanut sauce, so I went to another place just to have a taste of the spicy curry peanut sauce. Still can't make up my mind, is it the sauce I like so much or the skewers.

satay ayam

sotong kangkung

Sotong kangkung (cuttlefish slices with water spinaches) seems like some raw cuttlefish slices cover with dark sweet sauce. Luckily I found out that the cuttlefish are not that raw, they have been dipped into hot water around ten minutes. Some sellers even soak them inside liquid. The toasted peanuts are spread over the top. Beneath the cuttlefish slices are the water spinaches. The cuttlefish slices are chewy and taste sweet. They go so good combination with the water spinaches, known as kangkung in Malaysia.

Kangkung vegetable is really healthy. It is a good source of vitamins B and C, amino acids, calcium and iron. The dish costs around 2euro and is a side dish from other hawker foods.

sotong kangkung

- 1. Remember to take enough coins for commune bus's ticket. Driver won't return small changes. First below 7km journey costs about RM1.40 (year 2015).

- 2. Always take a package of tissue paper along. Kopitiam, low cost cafeteria doesn't include one in wash room.

- 3. Penang route planner web site: Penang Journey Planner(

- 4. Postcards from the kiosks, stamps from the post office. There is one post office at Prangin Mall nearby.

- 5. Type of socket/plug is like the one used in UK, G type(UK).

- 6. Tap water: Recommending to boil it first. A bottle of mineral water costs less than an euro.