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sotong bakar

The Gurney Drive foodcourt comes to life only at night, approximately after seven. Sotong bakar in english, BBQ Cuttlefish is a small snack. This is how the seller describe it, "It's popular snacks in Penang. Delicious, chewy, crunchy to go with the sauce". I was eating this at one of the old classic hawkers food location, Gurney Drive. The normal price at everywhere of this snack costs around 1.50 - 2.00 euroa. It is quite high price for the locals if you can get other hawker food less than euro.

The taste is so marvelous, the snack comes with the burning smell from the coals and special sauce dip. The cuttlefish is flattened with a special machine and the cuttlefish become so thin like a slice of paper. The Gurney Drive's hawker stalls are numbered and the area is really huge, definitely a hawkers food heaven. If I remember well, the number of this stall is 68.

This is not a place for tourists only, but the locals also like to meet up their friends there. Reason for that is the place is close to the seaside and a nice place to hang out at night, without meantion of how many variety of the hawkers food there.

sotong bakar

ais kacang

A shaved ice dessert, reminds me of the Sno-balls in the United States. There are also shaved ice desserts like this in Philippine, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. All with different names.

My cousin ordered one of this in Gurney Hakwers Center. This Ais Kacang's ingrediants of Penang version are typically grass jelly, sweet corns, attap chee (palm fruit seeds) and red beans. Shaved ice are then poured with the red-rose syrup, sarsi syrup and condensed milk. For the person who doesn't know what is Sarsi, should also try the Sarsi carbonated beverage. It taste like root-beer, but herbally. It is very known in Philippine as well, the sarsaparilla beverages.

Back to Ais kacang, I have seen some innovative hawkers put bananas slices, honey dews slices, papaya slices or toasted nuts, which are unusual for me. I still love the original one. I personally don't like the red beans and always ask the hawkers to make one without it. And if there is shredded nutmeg, I prefer without them too. The funny part of this is Ais kacang means "ice bean", so I have ordered an ice beans without the beans.

ais kacang


Pasembur is known in northern west malaysia. It can be prepared quickly, for someones this is just a "warm salad". It consists of cucumber, potatoes, beancurd, turnip and bean sprouts. On top of that, chewy prawn fritters and small amount of crunchy deep fried crabmeat soaped in warm tangy spicy nut sauce.

The sauce is the key ingrediant here. It is sweet and thick, and you can feel in your tongue, there is mashed potato inside. What a fanstastic sweet dessing that it keeps me wondering, why it is not in mass production yet like the Thousand Island dressing. My mind keeps appearing of ideas, with what it can be combined, france fries, deep fried onion rings, mozarella sticks, sandwich spread, potato chips, steak and etc.


- 1. Remember to take enough coins for commune bus's ticket. Driver won't return small changes. First below 7km journey costs about RM1.40 (year 2015).

- 2. Always take a package of tissue paper along. Kopitiam, low cost cafeteria doesn't include one in wash room.

- 3. Penang route planner web site: Penang Journey Planner(

- 4. Postcards from the kiosks, stamps from the post office. There is one post office at Prangin Mall nearby.

- 5. Type of socket/plug is like the one used in UK, G type(UK).

- 6. Tap water: Recommending to boil it first. A bottle of mineral water costs less than an euro.