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Economy Rice

This food court is special, cause it is not easy to be found. When you go to Sungai Wang shopping mall, you will mostly go to other place like third floor food court for food. Not many people know this place, if you haven't stayed in Kuala Lumpur long time. I believe the clients are hughly the local or nearby plaza's employees that are seeking a place for lunch. However if you feel like adventurous and courious about what local people are "normally eating on lunch time", I will brief you more details on next paragraphs.

Economy rice is really popular on lunch time, because you can pick up different variety dishes as many as you want and at the end the total price will be sum up, based on how many different variety you take and how big is each. Each dish can have different value also, like meat is more expensive than vegetable. The foods I took in picture below cost less than 5 euroa.

Let's get back to how you can find this place. You can go to Sungai Wang Plaza from two different monorail stations. If you are coming from Bukit Bintang monorail station, you dont need go to the ground floor. You go to one of the skywalks, which direct you to the lef hand side of the Sungai Wang building's entrance. From inside there, you press the elevator button to level four, which will bring you directly into foodcourt. If you come from Imbi monorial station, like in the map, you need to walk pass a spa center and carpark. After that there is an entrance beside a restaurant called U Village restaurant. This restaurant also serves tasty foods, but it is out of the scope of this website and I will let other websites brief you more details on it. The Sungai Wang plaza's entrance, which you will recognize it by its yellow walls. Use the elevator and go up to 4th floor and you will realise there is a carpark . Go into the carpark and looking for a signboard that says "foodcourt". The foodcourt is just behind the signboard hundreds meter away. Be careful with the entrance, which it is quite small. Hope you guy find it, I was lost a few times at the beginning.

Economy Rice

- 1. Remember to take enough coins for commune bus's ticket. Driver won't return small changes

- 2. Always take a package of tissue paper along. Kopitiam, low cost cafeteria doesn't include one in wash room.

- 3. KL route planner web site: KL (Kuala Lumpur) Journey Planner(

- 4. Type of socket/plug is like the one used in UK, G type(UK).

- 5. Tap water: Recommending to boil it first. A bottle of mineral water costs less than an euro.