foods hunting

I have been travelled back to Malaysia almost every year. Each year I see more and more of tourists ask directions for famous local food location, mainly hawker foods. In mid 90s, they are usually british tourists and 'Nederlanders', but now there are 'middle easterners', scandinavians and eastern europeans too. Among them too are the finns, whose country I am living in permanently.

Kin Mun is my first name. I born in Penang and believe me, we are proud about the local foods and the food is heavenly tasty, I want to share this with you. On top of that, I want to bring to our readers a more clean and simple designs, more easy on eyes. Today, I start this page, but more sections will be coming. Hope you guys stay up to date on this site.

Best regards,
Kin Mun


14 SEP 2013


Latest update: 21.Oct.2017